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By checking out the Life Fit Web Site, you have just taken the first step in re-inventing a new you. Your health and fitness level are important, not only for you, but also for your loved ones.

Hello, and welcome. My name is Nicki Geigert. I have been in the Fitness Industry for more than 35 years. Fitness and nutrition are extremely important to me and I would like to partner with you to help you achieve your own personal fitness and health goals.
Maintaining your own particular level of fitness is important, and equally valued, are ways to make achieving fitness FUN.
I provide in home training for individuals. I specialize in Senior Fitness, Youth Sport Fitness Training, Family Fitness Training, and Women’s Fitness Training. I will provide training equipment for both aerobic and strength development. Let me bring the "Gym" to you.


  • ACE certified Personal Fitness Trainer (American Council on Exercise) click on “find an ACE professional” and type in Nicki Geigert
  • Certified Senior Fitness Instructor
  • Resistance Training Specialist
  • National Strength and Conditioning Association member
  • IDEA Health and Fitness Association member
  • Physical Education Specialist, BS degree
  • Early Childhood Motor Development Consultant
  • Physical Activity Program Developer for Athletic Clubs, Gymnastics schools, Preschools, and Elementary schools.
  • Sport Strength and Flexibility Coach
  • Curriculum and Program Design, MS Ed degree

Getting Started:

Isolating Areas of Concern

  • Are you ready to boost your energy levels and improve your total wellness?
  • Do you lack the energy to achieve everything you want to accomplish?
  • Do you often feel stressed?
  • Are you frustrated taking off that last 10 pounds of weight?
  • Maybe you've lost the desired weight, but your body tone just isn't what you invision it to be?
  • Are you frustrated by past attempts to lose weight?
  • Are you exercising, but not seeing results?
  • Are you bored with the same old workout routine?
  • Are you in great shape, but need help taking it to the next level?

As your Life Fit Trainer, I want to help you achieve optimal results!

I offer a variety of in-home personal training packages to serve the unique needs of each client. The goal of Life Fit Training is for each client to boost their energy levels, optimize their health and look great. As your trainer, I will develop a home-workable exercise prescription focused on your goals that incorporate resistance training, cardiovascular fitness and flexibility.

My commitment is to help you:

  • Exercise effectively and efficiently
  • Learn proper technique and exercise mechanics.
  • Focus on a safe, results-oriented exercise program.
  • Maximize your time with a focused program and professional direction.
  • Receive constant feedback and motivation.
  • Discover great joy and recreation in physical activity.
  • Provide the challenge that will take you to the next level.
  • Hold you accountable to following through on your goals.

Package Options:

  • Fitness For Fat/Weight Loss
    A combination of cardio workout with strength and flexibility training, along with nutritional advice and meal planning, which will allow your body to use what you eat rather than store it as fat.
  • Body Sculpting
    A variety of exercises designed to promote muscle balance and give muscle definition to the desired body part.
  • Injury Rehabilitation
    A program of stretching and weight bearing exercises designed to strengthen atrophied or weak muscles, tendons and joints as a result of surgery or injury. This requires a Doctor’s permission.
  • Sport Specific Training
    A program set of exercises designed specifically for training young athletes for their particular sport. This may involve strength, speed, agility, balance, sensory motor, power or flexibility training.
  • Cardiovascular Activity
    Hour-long sessions in aerobics, step aerobics, power walking, jogger trampoline, running, bike riding, and any other form of cardio activity that you may be interested in. I provide a variety of cardio “toys”.
  • Group and Partner Training
    Partner or Family group sessions can be very fun and motivating. You have special people with you to encourage, motivate, and challenge you to be at your best. Work out with a friend or family members for a third off the cost.
  • Wake up Weak/Lagging Body Parts Routine
    Special 'shock routines' for individual muscle groups that will help you shape and strengthen weak muscles within weeks in order to balance your physique.
  • Posture Improving Exercises
    I will prescribe for you specific exercises designed to improve your posture. These posture improving exercises (PIE) will straighten rounded backs, lift sloped shoulders and straighten bowed legs, within certain limitations, depending upon age and severity of the problem.
  • Stretching
    I am known as the queen of stretch. I incorporate an extensive stretching routine into your workout program so you can remain flexible and agile. Stretching reduces the likelihood of injury and helps you recover quickly between exercises and workouts. Flexibility is critical to your balance response as you age.
  • Limited Or No Weights Required
    For those of you who have never really worked out, and even for those who have, I will design a program for you using aerobics and strength with your choice of: Medicine balls, physioballs, dumbbells, NRG balls, bands and body resistance exercises that will help you tone and strengthen muscles and lose body fat.


Why is in-home personal training a great option for you?

  • Maximize your time with a focused program and professional direction.
  • Avoid the additional cost of gym membership dues.
  • Learn how to improve eating habits.
  • Have a knowledgeable trainer develop a personalized fitness plan just for you.
  • Exercise in a comfortable, private environment.
  • Eliminate concerns regarding gym childcare facilities.
  • Learn how to gain maximum value from any existing home gym equipment.
  • Plus, I'll bring a variety of fitness tools to keep your workout fun, challenging and innovative.


All fees include travel expenses
$65.00/person for 1 hour session
$60.00/person for multiple booked sessions
$40.00/person for group session of 2 or more


From Carlsbad, Ellie T. says, “I look forward to Nicki’s class because she introduces a variety of moves and things to work with, such as exercise balls, balance “circles”, stretch bands, agility ladders, and medicine balls. I have greater flexibility, and balance. I also have more energy, enthusiasm, and zest for life after taking Nicki’s classes”.

From Encinitas, Irene G., says, “Nicki is a marvelous and very informative trainer. The flexibility and stretching have helped me to strengthen as well as relieve pain in various parts of my body.”

From Encinitas, Yvonne R. says, “I have osteoporosis and with Doctor prescribed Fosamax, plus Nicki’s exercise classes, my bone density has increased and I feel GREAT!”

From Encinitas, Dr. Ged A. says, “I enjoy the balance exercises and stretching of muscles is significantly beneficial. Over-all the class benefits my physical fitness.”

From Carlsbad, John W. says, “When I miss a class, my body just doesn’t work the same. I appreciate Nicki’s genuine concern for each student”.

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